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Newsletter Spring 2002

More TPF Software enhancements

ECB Contents Customizable

The TPF/GI ECB window now has buttons that allow users to determine what information is shown. Users can elect not to view data levels, DECBs, or machine trace.

New Trace Statistics Window

The new Trace Statistics window in TPF/GI displays statistics and charts detailing program and file I/O, pool usage, memory and heap usage, macros, and instructions.

TPF/GI Scripting Enhancements

TPF/GI 2.6.1: (1) Adds scripting objects to make it easy for users to manipulate and edit core on the host; (2) Takes steps to ensure that the Microsoft script debugger will automatically appear to handle programmer errors in scripts written for TPF/GI; (3) Lets users supply their own script templates to be used when they create new scripts from within TPF/GI.

View Fixed Files enhanced

The View Fixed Files dialog box now accepts either equate names or record IDs.

Visual Log enhanced

Users can now reopen previous Visual Logs and append information to them.

Trace Output viewer enhanced

The Trace Output viewer search filter that contains the names of all programs and ECB IDs is now sorted in alphabetical order.


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