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CTFS Overview

CTFS (the CMSTPF Function Server) provides virtual connectivity to remote resources for CMSTPF and TPF/GI users.

Virtual Connections
During their normal operation, TPF application programs often need access to remote systems that are not conveniently available during ordinary TPF testing.

CTFS solves this problem by providing virtual connections. It enables multiple CMSTPF clients to connect to a TPF Server machine when access to external networks and resources are required and are not directly available on CMSTPF

Using CTFS, users can request functions from a TPF server machine. CTFS acts as the communications vehicle for the requests, and the TPF server processes the requests.

Once the connection is established between the user's virtual CMSTPF machine and the TPF server machine, and a protocol is established for communicating between the two virtual machines, requests can flow from one machine to the other for processing.

CTFS Features


The CTFS Solution

Various CTFS Features




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