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GI/TERM Overview

GI/TERM provides graphical terminal emulation for TPF systems. It offers ALC CRT and ALC printer support and enhances any TPF testing environment.

Enhances New Development Tools
Some important new development tools in the TPF world--namely IBM's VisualAge/TPF--provide no terminal interface with which to conduct testing. GI/TERM steps in to enhance those development tools by providing easy and graphical access to TPF terminals on the PC.

Enhances Existing Environments
But GI/TERM's usefulness is not limited to enhancing new development tools; it enhances current TPF environments also. Working on the PCs that programmers already have, GI/TERM uses the TCP/IP protocal to provide seamless terminal connectivity over the Internet and over company intranets.

TPF Testing Aware
Because TPF Software understands TPF testing and has a long history with TPF terminal emulation, we are able to tailor the GI/TERM interface to the concerns that TPF shops have. For example, our testing features such as the recording and automated playback of messages are integrated directly into the graphical interface of the terminals.

GI/TERM Features


Convenient & powerful

Control Center

Terminal Window



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