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Products that build on Virtual TPF technology

Interactively debug new and legacy TPF applications as they run in your own private TPF system using this state-of-the-art, client/server, GUI test tool. Based on the Virtual TPF technology in CMSTPF.

CMSTPF An advanced testing system for TPF application programs. It improves the quality of TPF applications, makes programmers more productive, and reduces the use of resources on the mainframe. CMSTPF is Virtual TPF.
SOURCE VIEW The ground-breaking product that provides source code level debugging for TPF/GI and CMSTPF.
CTFS The CMSTPF Function Server provides virtual connectivity to remote resources for CMSTPF and TPF/GI users.
RTF The Regression Test Facility provides advanced regression testing for TPF. It works in conjunction with CMSTPF.
T-REX The Transaction Recording and EXamination tool allows programmers to immediately identify which applications are using resources. Works in conjunction with TPF/GI.
ScriptDialogs Allows script writers to include versatile dialog boxes in their scripts for TPF/GI and other TPF Software products. Distributed with TPF/GI.
Products for Standard TPF
TPF/IDE An integrated development environment for TPF applications that works with existing library systems.
GI/TERM Graphical terminal emulation for TPF systems. It offers ALC CRT and ALC printer support and enhances any TPF testing environment.
TTFS Enables TPF users to access resources that are currently not physically available on the VPARS/TPF systems where their transactions are being tested.
Products for z/OS
zIDE An integrated development environment for z/OS applications.
Products for All Operating Systems
Resolution/KB A Web-based, knowledge base application for tracking issues throughout the enterprise.



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