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ScriptDialogs allows script writers to include versatile dialog boxes in their scripts for TPF/GI and other TPF Software products.

Scripting Becomes Even More Useful
Programmers use scripting to automate the tasks they perform in TPF/GI. However, the scripting engine itself, developed by Microsoft, provides little or no support for dialog boxes. Without dialog boxes, scripts are not as powerful as they might be.

The ScriptDialogs product changes that. Using ScriptDialogs and a few simple commands, script writers can create dialog boxes that use text, input boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other controls to solicit input from and display output to users.

New! ProgressDialog Shows Progress and Animation
New with build 30807 of TPF/GI, ScriptDialogs includes a ProgressDialog that can display a dialog box with a progress meter or an animation, along with a text message. Script writers can use the ProgressDialog to signal to users that the script is in the middle of a process and how much of that process is complete. To read more about ProgressDialog, view the ScriptDialogs help file.

ScriptDialogs is distributed with TPF/GI version 2.5 and greater. ProgressDialog is available with TPF/GI version 2.6.1, build 30807 or later.


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