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Source View is TPF Software's ground-breaking product that provides source code level debugging for TPF/GI and CMSTPF.

The True Source of Source-Level Debugging
Before Source View, TPF programmers could only trace and debug their applications at the machine level. Source View revolutionized TPF debugging by allowing programmers to step through and observe their source code while they tested their TPF application programs. For the first time, TPF application programmers could concentrate on the logic of their programs and not be concerned with the machine code generated by the compiler.

Source View supports TPF Application programs written in Assembler, Sabre Talk (PL/TPF), C, and C++.

The version of Source View in TPF/GI contains greatly enhanced support for breakpoints, assembler expression evaluation, local variable support, linkmaps, and other source-level features.

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Source level debugging

Mapped Block Editing

Expressions & Variables

Reduced resource use

Data & program isolation

Diagnostic checks

Remote connectivity

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