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Dump Viewer for z/OS

zDVI: A dump viewer for z/OS

Introducing zDVI

zDVI is a simple-to-use, web-based GUI that improves efficiency when analyzing dumps. It enables programmers to quickly and effectively view and assess dump information with only a few steps.

In z/OS, the available dump viewing tools are menudriven tools that lack comprehensive facilities for dump analysis, like easy navigation, user-friendliness and the ability to browse the contents of dumps swiftly. Such tools also require programmers to memorize long commands and sub-commands for accessing dump information in z/OS systems. This lack of user-friendliness or fast browsing capabilities make fast dump analysis and early detection of problems difficult.

zDVI overcomes these problems by combining all the functionalities of a user-friendly, web-based GUI with an already familiar command interface. This greatly improves user experience, increases efficiency and helps programmers to optimize their productivity. zDVI allows programmers to visualize dump data in an organized way, making navigation, and thus problem detection, extremely easy. This, in turn, enables programmers to spend more of their time on the coding and testing aspects of application development.

Easily Customizable & Intuitive to Use

zDVI (z/OS Dump Viewer) is fully customizable for IPCS, and is easy to learn and implement. Industry-Familiar Command Interface The built-in command interface gives a comfortable feel for skilled programmers who are already familiar with analyzing dumps via the command interface; while the simple-to-use GUI also makes browsing and analyzing dumps easy for new programmers.

Quick Analysis & Time Saving

Proper categorization and visualization of dumps on a graphical user interface leads to shorter times in problem resolution and results in significant timesavings for programmers. This has the potential to greatly reduce the company’s expenditure.

Easy Accessibility

zDVI allows dumps to be organized into logical groups. This means that programmers are provided with an easy way to access, view and analyze critical dumps in z/OS systems. All these advanced and enriching features make zDVI an excellent, user-friendly graphical interface for quick and reliable dump analysis within the z/OS environment.


  • Comprehensive, simple-to-use GUI dump analysis tool for z/OS programmers
  • Enables quick problem analysis
  • Reduces CPU utilization by collecting the required data from dumps via caching
  • Customized for IPCS utility
  • Allows visualization of one or more dump snapshots that are aesthetically appealing and easy to read
  • Includes a built-in command interface for IPCS experts
  • Displays dump data in logical groups
  • Point-and-shoot system status gives quick snapshots of dumps
  • Allows management of dump DSN index using simple Add, Browse & Delete functions
  • Quick access to dump details like Address Spaces, CBs, Dump Storage and so on
  • Provides better visibility of various traces with clear categorization of trace tabs
  • Ensures significant time-saving for programmers, leading to improved work efficiency and reduced company expenditure

Take a look at the zDVI Brochure (pdf).

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