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TPF Software Services


Over 15 years in the TPF market
We know and understand the pulse of the niche TPF market.

100 person years experience in TPF
Systems, applications, products, interfaces to TPF, reengineering, project management, relationship management, offshore delivery.

Understanding of offshoring for TPF
• Access to skilled TPF resources at all levels, excellent contacts with the limited TPF resources in India.
• Understanding of offshore delivery model and quality control for TPF applications

TPF Education
• Experience having trained over 300 TPF professionals in India, the US, the Middle East, Far East Asia.
• Capability to train TPF resources from India with access to our own mainframes and TPF systems in the U.S.

Emerging technologies in TPF
Understand emerging technologies in TPF, C, C++, TCP/IP, 64-bit TPF, etc.
• Well placed to handle conversions and re-engineering projects

GUI interfaces
• Have mastered the art of building GUIs to TPF, VM, and MVS
• Allows us to effectively handle building complete solutions around the TPF enterprise


TPF Education
• Provide corporate training in S/390 Assembler, TPF, TPFDF, TPF-C, TPF-C++ for fresh graduates as well as experienced staff
• Train programmers in requirements and migration considerations for z/TPF
• Train graduates in TPF and offer them as contract programmers

TPF Consultancy
High-end consultancy services such as vendor management, project management, database administration, architecture consulting, re-engineering, and migration solutions
• z/TPF migration consulting
• Subcontract TPF projects

TPF Solutioning
End-to-end implementation of application products with GUI and Web interfaces to TPF

TPF Placements
Help companies meet resourcing needs in the TPF and Airline domains.

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