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TPF Software Training

Real-World TPF Training
TPF programming isn't just Assembler anymore. It requires expertise in many other established and emerging technologies such as VM, Linux, TPFDF, TPF-C, TPF-C++, TCP/IP, and 64-bit TPF.

TPF Software trainers provide excellent training in "real world," "real-life" TPF skills, because they have:

  • 100+ person years experience in all areas of TPF, including Systems, Applications, products, interfaces to TPF, re-engineering, and project management.
  • Experience training over 300 TPF professionals in India, the U.S., the Middle East, and Far East Asia.
  • The ability to train in India with access to our own mainframes and TPF systems in the U.S.

Training for Corporate Workers
TPF Software trainers have trained employees for major corporations all over the world, including American Express and Worldspan.

We stand ready to provide

  • Training for new hires
  • Refresher course training
  • Training in emerging and shifting technologies

For more information about having TPF Software train workers for your company, email us by submitting our contact form, or phone (919) 676–-5501.

Offshore Training for Individuals
At our new Chennai Centre, in Chennai, India, TPF Software is offering comprehensive TPF programmer training and certification for individuals.

Because TPF Software is not just a training company, but also a services company we will make every effort to place you or put you to work as soon as you graduate.

If you are an individual interested in TPF training at the Chennai Centre, please email us at for further details.


Core TPF Technologies
• S/390 Assembler

Established TPF-Related Technologies
• VM & CMS
• TPF-C++

TPF-Related Programming Tools
• Eclipse

Emerging TPF-Related Technologies
• Eclipse Plug-ins
• Web Interfaces

View our tri-fold Training brochure (pdf).



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